Voices of the 21st Century:
Women Who Influence, Inspire, and Make a Difference

30 Extraordinary Women Come Together to Celebrate a New Era

In this best selling book Dr. Janet joins Gail Watson and 30 wonderful professional women.

This project was created with the Women Speakers Association because they believe that today we are at a defining moment in history. The world as we know it is shifting from a society based on a predominantly masculine model into a new era, one with women at the forefront as the leaders of the twenty-first century.

Within these pages, you’ll discover powerful female voices rising up to educate, guide, and inspire.

Behind each story is a woman bold and brave enough to have her voice be heard.

Dr. Janet’s story contained within this wonderful book addresses the attitudes surrounding our loved ones departure from the journey of life and some tools that will assist you with the best approach to that situation. This is addressed in a way that promotes growth and understanding… so that we can keep the gifts and leave fear and resentment behind.

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Book Testimonials

Always be Relentless!

I loved this book! If there is one thing I have learned in my many years is everyone has problems and there is always someone with problems worse than yours. I especially loved Relentless by Elizabeth M. Clamon. Her problems are many, tough and never ending it seems. Definitely worse than mine and she always held on to hope and reason to stand firm and conquer each one. She seems so full of life and love for her fellow women and their trials. She left me wanting to know more about her life and how she has gotten to this point of her life. She made me want to always persevere and be forever hopeful! Highly recommend this book. Good read!

– Amazon Customer Review

Short and very much recommended

Whatever your emotional challenge is, someone in this book has been there.

These essays are short; just a couple of pages each. This book can easily be read while waiting at the doctor’s office, or at the grocery store. This book can be picked up and read starting on any page. It is also very much recommended.

– Paul Lappen

Deep insight into wisdom gained.

In these challenging times, It’s refreshing to read and learn from the wisdom of the wonderful women in this book.
Some stories inspire and some make you think about what’s important in your life. Shorter stories, so easier to read.

– Anwar


The idea is we all have a story to tell. Voices of the 21st Century invites us to ponder our own story while being inspired by the stories of women who paused in their journeys to share their own, very personal, stories.

– Amazon Customer Review