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Client Testimonials

“Many of my clients will address the ‘healing’ aspects they receive from our sessions.”
I first met this amazing woman at a business conference. With a microphone in her hand she began to speak… Her words were so powerful and memorable. She spoke so eloquently about honoring and capturing people and their lives in their end days before passing. I was so moved by her dedication and compassion, that I permanently filed what she had said in my memory bank.

The day after that business conference occurred, my mother called me with the life changing news that her cancer had returned. I knew by the sound of her voice that this time it was different. In the days to follow, after the initial shock of the news wore off, I was able to lean on  Dr. Janet’s words. Interesting how the universe works!

My next inspired action to ask Dr. Janet for her assistance. Only one session with this amazing woman dramatically changed the end days for my mother and my family. We were able to be experience it in a way we would not have thought about previous to my session with Dr. Janet and it helped my mother pass with love, dignity, honor and grace.

Dr. Janet’s life path and now this book she has written is a blessing to all of us who are fortunate enough to find her and her work. Thank you Dr. Janet I will be forever grateful.

– Kelly McKinstry

Dr. Janet’s coaching session was fantastic! She left me with an abundance of takeaways. She made me feel truly valued, validated and so much more confident. Dr. Janet shared a couple of powerful processes for me to use on my own to help my specific areas of “stuck-ness”, and crammed as many nuggets of her extensive wisdom as she could into the rest of our call time. I’m so grateful for her time, and also she has just been the perfect mentor for me, with her no-nonsense mentality of “There’s no ‘trying’ – you either do it or you don’t.” Love her! :).

– Rachel Hunter

Thank you Janet.

The Life Story experience was a nice experience for Mom, giving her a chance just to remember and share her memories.  She was really in to it. Her memories were what we were wanting and she surely was giving them. Thank you again. You are truly a wonder.


– Beth Myers, Capturing Life Stories Interview

 I had an amazing session with Dr. Janet Bieschke. Janet helped me get clarity of what I could do and it opened a new doorway that I can shine for the better in the session. Janet has given me new insight that I can get my life to the next level of accomplishment and it always the next step better and better.

– Sam Duong

To say that I received amazing insight in my coaching call with Dr. Janet seems so menial compared to what I truly feel I received. Dr. Janet demonstrated a true coach call, differently than I have had before, and I came away with amazing ideas, creative thoughts, and confidence.

– Jennifer Izaguirre

My coaching call was nothing short of extreme awesomeness!!! I left the call feeling more focused, more on purpose and completely empowered.

She helped me to dig deep and pin point what I really want to create in my life. Dr. Janet helped me to gain insight and clarity into that question and I am very grateful for the time I spent with her.

Now, with the clarity I have as well as a wonderful feeling of positive energy flowing through me I feel confident the Universe is supporting me and you know what they say… what you focus on, expands!!!

In Light, Love and Gratitude,

– Coaching Client

First, thank you Janet.

The Life Story experience was a nice break for Mom, giving her a chance just to remember and share her memories.

She seemed really in to it. I was so pleased with how relaxed she was. I love that the equipment you use in not big and klutzy and obvious which could have been distracting or intimidating for her.

Aunt Kathleen was impressed with how relaxed Mom was. Her memories were what we were wanting and she surely was giving them. Thank you again. You are truly a wonder.

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

I found the experience energizing, and felt your questions just enough to initiate my input. At no time did you hurry or intrude, but rather you “led” me. Thank you for a positive experience. Continued blessings on your family and your endeavors.

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

I thought you did a wonderful job considering my husbands condition. It gave Tim an opportunity to say some things to his kids and grand kids that probably would have been very hard to say right to their faces. And this video is something we will always have if we want to hear his voice. Thank you. My family really appreciates it. We will have the dvd to watch of him when we are really missing him. It will be very comforting to hear his voice and see him. Thank you!

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts Janet. What you offer with this love-filled-gesture is nothing short of amazing. We cannot thank you enough. May God bless you and this work so that others can feel and hear the stories that come from your work. This is the only way we can “bring Mom back” into the room when we need to see or hear her. You have greatly blessed us with this time pulling out her stories, her laughter, and so many of her life memories. I know she would have never talked about some of those things without you asking her. She wouldn’t have told us, and we probably couldn’t have asked her the questions so gently and clearly as you did. What you’ve given us is a gift of her love and light for our entire family to share. The grandchildren will now get a chance to know her and about her thoughts and feeling. Thank you seems so shallow, but thanks so very much!

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

Janet, First of all, thank you for all your time and efforts. How wonderful it was to remember my birth family members in such a joyful way. It was a unique as well as odd trip back in time. I didn’t expect the inconsolable grief of the tragic times of my teenage years. It was all brought back so vividly. It also showed me how the tears in the heart really never heal. It was so good to see how my brave spirit came through the bad times intact and able to function by simply taking one day at a time. It was amazing to see what a huge part sports played in my rescue of overcoming sadness. After all these years, I didn’t expect to be so emotional in regards to my Mother’s death.

It was very good to again reflect on how my education with the BVM Sisters and my championing and unwavering love of my eldest sister gave me the courage and confidence to find a pathway into a normal adult life and helped to make me the person I am today!

I spent so much time on my childhood, I completely skipped my YMCA career of 22 years.

I don’t know how someone in the last days of their lives could speak of their love for a spouse or children—it was too difficult for me—perhaps when it is your last chance, one is able to do so. As for now, I guess letters will have to do.

My children would be grateful to see and hear the parts of me they may not have been stored in their memory bank. The purpose—made me recapture years of life and my feelings.

The DVD would be wonderful to give to loved ones at any time in their life as well as most important at time of death.

Life’s history and views are most important. I would and have told my friends this is a must and you are the one to do it. It is a rare calling.

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

As you can see, I have thought so much about our interview. Wow, what an experience. Can’t thank you enough. I have thought about my life that I probably haven’t thought of in years.

As I told you—you are special and I do believe you have a calling. God works in very strange ways. Thanks always. Here’s to your full time job!!!

– Capturing Life Stories Interview

It is a pleasure to work with Janet and I would happily recommend her as a coach. Janet generously shares with me her knowledge to help me with moving my own business forward. She is extremely supportive and has much life experience to offer her clients. As well, I feel that Janet genuinely has my best interests at heart which is very important. Thank you, Janet!!!!

– Coaching Client

Thank you so much for my mentor in the QSCA program, Janet Bieschke.

I had a wonderful complimentary coaching session with her last night. Truly phenomenal – especially the great take away which I received from our work together.

– QSCA Mentor

Hi Janet

I want to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for your generous, insightful and amazing coaching session last week. I admire your ability to infuse so many amazing qualities into your session. I respect your ability to call things as they are, your compassion, you sharing your wisdom and personal experiences and your welcomed humor. Love all aspect of who you are. I can tell that coaching people is one of your Dharma’s or reasons you are on this planet. 🙂

– Coaching Client

The book is a gem. I really feel into the spirituality of it all. Your perspective on dementia so was well-timed for me in this same way. You expanded my corresponding view that there is so much unhealed emotional work showing up in the dementia event/life.
Even though I’m writing so heavily from my experience perspective, this is all about your fabulous book and HOW it heals: fragmented and by pieces, just like we do. Therefore, it’s not a typical book I can speak about, but one of a love gift. And I love it.

Thank you for writing it. Lots of love and thanks, Janet. You are lighting the way, and helping me pick up some dropped pieces along that way.

– Simone de R.