“My philosophy is simple. When who-you-are and what-you-do are in alignment, you cannot help but to be powerful. It is the Universal Law.”

Janet is a life coach, author, and inspirational speaker teaching Baby Boomers from around the world the importance of honoring their aging parents and avoiding regrets by capturing as many stories as possible before it’s too late.

Janet’s industry skills include a host of Leadership & Executive Skills, Operations & Organization Change Tools, Time Management, Human Resources and Finance Management.

Since becoming an Appreciation Life Coach in retirement, Janet brings success to those who are ready to make life changes with ease, joy, and grace while they obtain Peace of Mind & Heart. She has mastered the techniques of bringing Peace in Passing to those about to leave this world and to those they leave behind. Her clients are left in tears of appreciation and joy.

Whether she is addressing an intimate group or a standing-room-only crowd, count on Inspirational Speaker and Story Catcher Dr. Janet Bieschke to engage and inspire audience members as
she leaves them ready to take immediate action that will honor their loved ones into perpetuity.

Dr. Janet lives in central Wisconsin within driving distance of Madison, Milwaukee and Green Bay.

When life as you know it turns on a dime and the people you love the most aren’t with you anymore, there can be gut-wrenching regrets.

In her talk, Honor Your Parents: Avoid 3 Common Mistakes Kids Make That Cause Regrets From Not Capturing Their Parents Memories, Janet speaks from her interviewing and story-catching experience and provides her audience with 3 powerful ways to avoid each of the mistakes.

Audience members:

  • Discover the downside of making assumptions and start asking questions instead;
  • Get a timely wake-up call to stop them from putting this off a momentlonger; and
  • Learn ways to get this done that can make celebrating with loved ones even more joyful!

What Audience Members and Clients Say

“I can’t believe how many people came to mind as you were speaking. You reminded us that this time is a limited gift and reminded us of the reasons for collecting these stories from our parents. Without your talk, we likely wouldn’t have considered even asking Mom and Dad.”

“Thank you for helping us Honor our Parents with this Gift of a Lifetime. Our children already love it and each of our parents appreciated the fact that we took the time have them honored in this manner. It made them feel special. What a gift these touching stories will be for generations to come!”

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