I’m Sorry, I Love You, Goodbye:
Harvesting the Sacred Gifts of the Final Days

Wrapping up unfinished business is something many people never get a chance to do. 
End of Life Coach, Dr. Janet Bieschke brings experience, knowledge,
and practical ideas to families seeking guidance and comfort.

What’s left to say when you are one step from walking away from everything and everyone you’ve ever loved? Do you know someone who has so little time left? Can you help them find closure? What do you say? How do you even begin? How do you address the sensitive issues? Should you? Can you? 

Try these word tools when you are looking for healing life-closure for the one that means everything to you. The magic is that these words work with ease to heal both the giver and the receiver. 

  • I’m Sorry/Forgive Me 
  • I Love You/You Matter 
  • Goodbye/Here are my stories 

Wrapping up unfinished business is something many people never get a chance to do. Dr. Janet Bieschke, retired after decades of observing too many postal employees at all levels of the organization die daily in jobs that trapped their souls. She then found her real alignment in working as an Energy Mastery Healer, a Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach and in applying the Universal Laws in her hospice and elderly volunteer work. She witnessed lives through videos, interviews and hundreds of conversations with the elderly and dying. In this book, she identifies what, why, and how everyone can both give and receive the best gift ever—These Final Stories. 

Janet identifies the steps to the best conversation most people never have, and she does it in memorable fashion with many tips, ideas, and stories that will linger long after you’ve finished reading the book. This information isn’t new, but it comes with a promise that you will be inspired to take this healing energy action with your loved ones before it is too late. 

  1. When you don’t ask, you don’t get. 
  2. When you assume you know, you miss a lot. 
  3. You get what you ask for— but only IF you ask. 

End of Life Coach, Dr. Janet Bieschke brings experience, knowledge, and practical ideas to families seeking guidance and comfort. Where anxieties, fear, frustration, damaged relationships, and poor communication skills have tainted the final days for the dying person and their families, Janet’s engagement brings information, guidance, suggestions, and ease in ways that allow peace, healing and closure to those approaching death and those who love and care about them.

The book is a gem. I really feel into the spirituality of it all. Your perspective on dementia so was well-timed for me in this same way. You expanded my corresponding view that there is so much unhealed emotional work showing up in the dementia event/life.

Even though I’m writing so heavily from my experience perspective, this is all about your fabulous book and HOW it heals: fragmented and by pieces, just like we do. Therefore, it’s not a typical book I can speak about, but one of a love gift. And I love it.

Thank you for writing it. Lots of love and thanks, Janet. You are lighting the way, and helping me pick up some dropped pieces along that way.

– Simone de R.

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Book Testimonials

This is a life changing book!

This book masterfully illustrates the emotional challenges that a death of a loved one can bring. Anyone faced with a loss of a loved one would greatly benefit from this unique and yet straightforward perspective. This book teaches, uplifts and promotes gratitude in a way that feels like you are having coffee with Dr. Janet in person. What a gift! Thank you!

– Amazon.ca Customer Review

This Book is a God Send…

I read Dr. Janet’s book several months ago, loved it, but didn’t truly realize it’s value until recently when a close friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer and given less than 6 months to live. It’s now been 1 month and she is rapidly nearing death.
Many of us have experienced this situation …and those tragic moments…how do I tell them what they meant to me, share my love? Dr. Janet’s book gave me the answers. I was able to share my loving final thoughts with ease and grace. Although my friend could no longer speak…she squeezed my hand as we shared those loving last moments.
I invite everyone to read this book now, and save it for later, when the need arises. It will assist you in understanding the “passing” process, giving you the tools and techniques to share with your family and loved one.
Thank you, Dr. Janet. I am so very grateful for your courage and compassion in sharing your wisdom. It made a real difference in my life.

– Cathy Brown


I spent the day reading your book to my wife.  We were each cuddled up in our own chairs to stay warm and I read.  What a great job you did in writing!  We both completely enjoyed it.  Yes, I choked up as I read certain parts.  We are so fortunate to have you blessed our lives with your friendship.  

– Bruce P.

Ongoing testimonial


Oh my!!! Can’t put your book down! The laundry will have to wait to be folded, and dinner is made last night…beef stew. So YEA! I would like another copy of the book for my good friend Nancy. Thanks!!!

Some time later:

What I love so far in your book is that the “end” applies right now…to many transitions in life. My kids leaving home. But, my aging mom too. Oh my.

Later still:

Chapter Nine. Emotions. Definitely will finish the book tonight. My gosh, you have a God-given ability for writing!!

In the evening of the same day:

I know the intention and how helpful and insightful. But what’s so cool is that I am absorbing this ahead whether it’s my mom or any loved one and I feel so lucky to read this!! In bathtub now ( you did not need to know that probably! Ha!) and on chapter 12. PRESENCE. All of what you write can and should be applied to the HERE and NOW… in being truly present, as we are all dying. Some just sooner than others. I know I will reread and revisit this book again in the future when needed. ❤

– An Enthralled Reader