Excellence in Coaching

“My philosophy is simple. When who-you-are and what-you-do are in alignment,
you cannot help but to be powerful. It is the Universal Law.”

A little bit about me

My Divine Spirit Source guides me as a person, a coach, a teacher, a manager, and as a mother I have now matured to the point that life is all about what God can do through me rather than what God can do for me – or what I can do for God.

My coaching expertise is recognizing the talent within the client, inspiring, encouraging, harnessing their energy, creating relationships, release fears, anxiety, vulnerability, and to get unstuck.

Both my Coaching and my Teaching are about creating a safe space and allowing the energy and the emotions to come forward.

Because I work as a hospice volunteer and have spent time with many who are in the stage of actively-dying, I’ve seen the impacts of living a life that may not have found clarity or focus. I’ve heard the concerns and angst from those who are at death’s door as they want to release their fears, their worries, their anxieties, and their perceived wrongs. I have witnessed how our abundant world has been available, but not always allowed into the lives of people unreceptive to receiving the available gifts of love, generosity, abundance, etc that had always been theirs for the taking. And the see the joy and ease that comes from the ability to accept the ebb and flow of life. In other words, I’ve been able to use the gifts and the lessons of those dying to build my coaching business and to enrich the lives of those who choose to create a rich, more rewarding, joy-filled, loving life while it’s still possible.

A little bit about my style

My job is to connect with my client in such a way that they are able to do the work that is theirs to do. They come with questions, desiring clarity, wanting to release some forms of long-held misconceptions, hurts, insecurities, and feelings of unworthiness. They need to find a way to create the above with ease, with joy, and with grace.


Yes, I’ve been deemed a life-long learner if that holds value. More accurately, I live my life my way, and it’s been filled with over 6 decades of joys, family, life lessons, mistakes (opportunities), and many beautiful people. I’ve worked for 34 years in a huge organization that allowed me to grow, to fail, to grow more, to be challenged, and to keep learning. I was a supervisor, manager, executive—and mainly just one looking for better ways of doing and being. Somewhere in my basement are boxes of awards and frames holding degrees (BS in Supervisory Management-cumma sum laude, Masters in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organization Change)

My certifications include, (Federal Meditator, National Collective Bargaining Negotiator, FranklinCovey facilitator in the majority of their courses, Advanced Management, Advanced Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, HeartMath, Hospice Volunteer, Quantum Success Coaching Academy / Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor, Instructor for the Christy Whitman Art Of Having it All course, Reiki third degree, Advanced Energy Mastery certification and Bars Access Consciousness®) and a gazillion work-related awards and recognitions that are likely just collecting dust since my retirement 8 years ago.

Most people would consider me to be humble. Maybe, but I’m fiercely proud of my family (and it’s huge), my coaching clients’ successes and accomplishments, and that God has blessed me with the good sense to appreciate the many people and blessings that fill my days with much happiness, many loves, and mostly
good health.

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