The Time is Now

There ARE gifts of Abundance and Appreciation to be found in the very last days. How YOU can become the Difference Maker for your loved one before it’s too late. You will be glad you learned these valuable tools and techniques.
There comes a time when we realize things have changed. The day is ending. We can see, feel, and sense the inevitable. For each of us, regardless of how the day went, it ends. For most of us, it ends before we are ready. When we are losing a loved one, a piece of us is going with them. There may be unresolved hurts, things that were said and done that cannot be unsaid or undone. It’s not too late.

Would You Like to Learn a Different Way of Saying I’m Sorry?

I know this is a very difficult time for you if you’ve just learned that someone important to you is terminally ill. Your emotions may be filled with fear, concern, worry, anxiety, and many others. In all of my coaching, I know those emotions bring more of the same. There IS an easier and more loving way to navigate these days and also to bring relief while you honor your loved one.

Would You Like to Learn a Different Way of Saying I Love You?

The three words that come very easy for some, and not at all for others.

The three words that come very easy for some

The legal and medical choices have been made. The major decisions may also be resolved including who will inherit what. That is NOT what this is about.

This is about you Making a Difference in the way you choose to engage and bring levity and appreciation into a time when most others are at a loss for things to say and do.

Your mind may begin racing with thoughts:

  • What do I do?

  • Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

  • “What if?”

We know the memories will linger to remind us of this experience.

Are you facing the impending loss of a loved one? You CAN create a Peaceful Passing that is filled with healing and closure. At a time when you may be feeling alone, I want to assure you that you have access to a new way of bringing love, appreciation, support, ideas, suggestions, and everything you need to celebrate and harvest the sacred gifts of the final days. Let me help you with The APPRECIATIVE APPROACH.

Create a Peaceful Passing for Your Loved One

You can create this Peaceful Passing in a way that not only brings peace to your loved one, but ALSO for those of you left behind.

  • *Bonus: Following the Appreciative End-of-Day Coaching, share your experience with Dr. Janet and receive a free copy of I’m Sorry, I Love You, Goodbye: Harvesting the Sacred Gifts of the Final Days.

How can we be of immense help to others when our own heart is so heavy with hurt?

It IS possible!

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I first met this amazing woman at a business conference. She stood up and spoke in response to a question asked at the event. With a microphone in her hand she began to speak. Her words were so powerful and memorable. She spoke so eloquently about honoring and capturing people and their lives in their end days before passing. I was so moved by her dedication and compassion, that I permanently filed what she had said in my memory bank.

The day after that business conference occurred, my mother called me with the life changing news that her cancer had returned. I knew by the sound of her voice that this time it was different. In the days to follow, after the initial shock of the news wore off, I was able to recall the impactful words Dr. Janet Bieschke had spoken only a day before my mother’s news. Interesting how the universe works!

My next inspired action to help and to honor my mother and her life, was to then actively seek out Dr. Janet for her assistance. After only one session with this amazing woman, it dramatically changed the end days for my mother and my family. We were able to be present in a way we would not have thought about previous to my session with Dr. Janet and to help my mother pass with love, dignity, honor and grace.

Dr. Janet Bieschke’s chosen life path and now this book she has written is a blessing to all of us who are fortunate enough to find her and her work. Thank you Dr. Janet I will be forever grateful.

– Kelly McKinstry

At times, when we get caught up in stress and drain energy, we can feel like we’re going backwards. With guidance, we advance with more ease, flow and much less stress.

Janet is dedicated to encouraging increased love, kindness, humility and compassion as a way of life to manifest peace and happiness. She teaches people to connect with their heart’s guiding wisdom when discerning choices, intentions and actions.

– Capturing Life Stories Interview