Capturing Life Stories

This professional service provides all the tools and techniques necessary to capture your Life Story in a beautiful and elegant manner. You will be pleased and will have an amazing gift for your loved ones.

There is a sense of personal loss when a friend or a family member dies. What if…The process could be better way telling the stories: from childhood, lifelong interest, relationships with family and friends, their thoughts regarding living, dying, religion, beliefs, and/or fears?

Observations & Lessons I have learned

I am more mindful. The interviewing experiences expand me and make me so much more appreciative of the gifts in my life, the abundance, the joys, my family, and my friends.

You cannot just keep saying you will do it. Sometimes it becomes too late, so if it’s important, you really ought to do it now.

Professional and Confidential

All persons conducting the recording will be trained and certified in processes that are designed to capture your best stories.

You determine and direct the number of audio recordings to be made and who will receive them and when.

No Copies will be shared or retained by the professionally trained recorder unless you sign a waiver allowing general information about the process to be shared. Your stories are yours and your privacy will be honored and respected.


You will have a Private Recording.

You decide what you want to highlight and what areas you choose to avoid.

Example Topics to Choose from for Your Interview

  • Your Earliest Memories
  • Grandparents, Parents, Siblings, Childhood Friends School Memories and Activities.
  • Beliefs regarding the Afterlife, Higher Power
  • Loves / Fears / Health Issues / Spiritual Beliefs / Military Service / Volunteer Projects / Your Values
  • Family-Career Choices and Lessons Learned
  • Advice to those who cannot be with you now
  • Forgiveness, Sending Love, Offering Goodbyes

…And so many more!

Finished Professional Product Options

  • A private page with a digital download of your interview.
  • Other options available upon request.