About Janet

“When you’re ready to get better results, coaching is an investment that works.”

Dr. Janet Bieschke

I come to this journey with a dual focus: a Life Coach and an End of Life Coach. 

These two capacities are not intertwined yet they are related as each brings me and my clients innumerable gifts of working both with people’s inspirational capacities as well as their legacies. Every single client interaction is a blessing to me and I sincerely thank all of the people who I have been fortunate to work with for the illumination they have provided to my own life.

In my Life Coaching capacity, facilitate my client’s alignment with their core values to set goals, I assist them in the discovery of what’s most important, we set crystal clear goals, eliminate obstacles that block attainment of those goals, and provide support and guidance to both reach their goals in a short amount of time. As a partner in their successes, I celebrate their Wins and encourage the ever expansion of their new-found ways of living in alignment with ease, joy, and grace.

From the very first session… Results attract Results. Success attracts Success. Working and living in alignment creates the flow of miracles.

Clients quickly find that they are valued as their possibilities become realities. My clients experience what it’s like to have a professional with many years of experience and training support them in positive energy shifts and then in the actual creation of desired goals.

As an End of Life Coach, I bring compassion along with years of experience, knowledge, and practical ideas to the families seeking guidance and comfort.

Often anxieties, fear, frustration, damaged relationships, and poor communication skills taint the final days for the dying person and their families. My unique approach and engagement bring information, guidance, suggestions, and ease to in ways that allow peace, healing and closure to those approaching death and those who love and care about them. I take my professional skills along with years of experience in hospice volunteering, and work with the elderly to the hearts of those facing the impending loss of their loved one.

The tensions immediately lower. The results of fears, apprehensions, and lowered inability to express emotions during tense moments dissolve as I recognize and address each of the people involved on a unique and personal level.

With my help families learn how to approach difficult conversations with ease. I offer suggestions of engagement that address regrets, life purpose, loves, and retelling stories in new ways to bring peace and joy.

Through this work, I engage families in ways that make end of life a memorable time in a good way. Clients find a level of peace and support that is tailored their family and is available long after their loved one is not.

Together we change the final days into ones of healing and closure in many ways.

How did I get here?

I am a Quantum Success Certified Life Coach who was personally trained in by Christy Whitman. I am a Mentor in the Quantum Success Coaching Academy, and have completed a personal one-year Quantum Success Business Mentoring program with Christy. Yes, I love her and her work. She continues to change thousands of lives in beautiful ways. I have had the privilege to study under the guidance of Energy Master Karen LeMark Wilson, Spiritual Teacher and creator of Blue Heart Women. I have completed a year-long certification program with her and continue to audit her current class of energy mastery teaching. I’ve had the unique privilege of being trained in Reiki Mastery by the beautiful soul and amazing teacher, Evelyn Apostolu. These are blending energies that continue to expand and to flow through my coaching and teaching work.

I love learning and have created many teachable moments (mistakes?) both personally and professionally. My life has been filled with over 6 decades of joys, family, life lessons, mistakes (turned into opportunities), and so many beautiful people. I’ve worked for 34 years in a huge organization that allowed me to grow, to fail, to grow more, to be challenged, and to keep learning. I was a supervisor, manager, executive—and mainly just someone looking for better ways of doing and being. Somewhere in my basement are boxes of awards and frames holding degrees (BS in Supervisory Management-cumma sum laude, Masters in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organization Change).


Federal Meditator, National Collective Bargaining Negotiator, FranklinCovey facilitator in the majority of their courses, Advanced Management, Advanced Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, HeartMath, Hospice Volunteer, Quantum Success Coaching Academy / Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor, Instructor for the Christy Whitman Art Of Having it All course, Reiki third degree, Advanced Energy Mastery certification and Bars Access Consciousness®

I am extremely blessed

The work-related awards and recognitions diminish in value, so though I’ve collected many, they also now have been relegated to the basement in the years after my official retirement. I’m extremely blessed and very proud of my growing family, my coaching clients’ successes and accomplishments, and that God has blessed me with the good sense to appreciate the many people and blessings that fill my days with much happiness, many loves, and good health.

I will challenge you and assist you in clarifying your goals, identifying milestones, holding you accountable, and then finally guide you to develop a fine-tuned-workable strategic plan. You will experience changing behaviors while I attempt to challenge your thought processes and beliefs until you are crystal clear on what you want, why that is important, and what it looks and feels like once you obtain it.