This was one of the clearest points of information for me.

I knew those who had been requesting this book so I had a pretty good idea of who would become my targeted reader. I had spoken at multiple events about the work that I’m doing, and each time people would come up to me later and ask me where they could buy my book. My standard response was that they couldn’t buy my book for the simple reason I hadn’t written one. The overwhelming response was:

“Well you need to write one and when you do, let me know because I will buy it.”

So, the reader of I’m Sorry, I Love You, Goodbye: Harvesting the Sacred Gifts of the Final Days is most likely a woman. She is busy. She’s carved out little time for herself, she has a full active engaging life that is very demanding of her time, and she’s very aware that someone very close to her is approaching their final days.

She knows she has so little left to give, and what is coming her way is going to be demanding in every way: physically, mentally, emotionally, and maybe even spiritually.

If it’s a parent that is either aging or dealing with a recently diagnosed illness, she’s facing the daunting task of being drawn back into their lives. She may or not live close to them. She will quickly discover more about their medical, financial, and spiritual conditions than she ever wanted to know.

She may or may not be welcome into their life. This is more true if they are fiercely independent, or do not think they need help– especially from a child of theirs. Her own relationships (personally and professionally / family, friends, partner) may be disrupted in more ways than she can imagine. She loves her parents, she’s concerned about them, she wants what’s best for them, and she’s feeling almost overwhelmed by the future that will soon become her present. Almost any change is going to require her resources. Her time, her money, her sleep, and it may even seem like it could require some of her sanity.

Is she alone in this situation? No, not at all. Will she feel that she is alone? Absolutely!

This book was written to her. It is easy to read, understand, and to apply. In addition to some touching stories, there are tips and tools that I have found helpful for both the person about to die and for those they will be leaving behind. This is the best book that was almost never written. It’s a good thing so many people wanted, needed, and demanded it. To these special women, I am appreciative. They were actively lingering in my mind as I considered what would be most helpful in their upcoming journey.


PS: My new VA Agnieszka challenged me to write, so I will begin writing about the journey of the book, how it came into being, why certain stories are included, how to use the tools, the advantages of engagement, how emotions can get crazy quickly, and I will quickly become distracted by answering any questions you may ask.

What would you like to know? I don’t have all the answers, but similar to the person described above, no one has all the answers.

We learn by doing, by sharing, and by reflecting. This is a place to do all of those things.