About having a full bucket and my confession… 

I received an email today where the mailer was talking about the things on his friends list, including parachuting without being connected to an instructor, and staying at a hotel suspended off the side of the mountain.

When did we decide that the only things important enough to be included on a bucket list are those things that seem extreme, dangerous, or very exotic?

Everyone has a bucket list, right? Do you? Here’s a confession. I do not.

How about making sure we have the important things on that list? Have we told the right people how much they matter to us? Have we spent time with the ones who are important in our lives? Have you made some great memories in the everyday moments that created laughter, meaning, purpose, or showed someone else how resilient they are, have we expressed our love in ways that were sincere and not necessarily connected to Hallmark holiday?

I think a good full bucket will be the one that gets filled scoop by scoop with hundreds of little things.

Hugs in the morning, prayers at mealtime, offers of help clearing the table, packing a lunch, putting your work aside long enough to take a walk and enjoy some nature, exercise, and fresh air with your parent, your partner, your child, your neighbor, or your friend; sitting together as you each silently read, doing yardwork together, unexpectedly buying and giving flowers to another, expressing appreciation, handwritten notes on a scrap of paper or a table napkin with a smiley face 🙂 or a hand-drawn heart, get well card to brighten someone’s day, sending a timely birthday card, planning a vacation with family, sitting with a friend, listening while another shares, being present without expectations, offering hope when life’s been rough, finding positive possibilities during times of despair, expressing your faith in ways that matter, watching grandchildren stand at the bathroom sink while brushing their teeth, telling bedtime stories, saying prayers of thanks for blessings received, exercising together, playing hide and go seek with little ones, putting everything aside when someone comes to visit, sensing the stillness of a heavy client snowfall ,noticing the greenness of grass after the snow melts, feeling the wind in your face, taking time to push another on the swing anchored to the age-old tree in the backyard, laughing with others, laughing at oneself, attending the ballgame, band activity, dance performance, to witness and support the accomplishments of family…

Fill my life with a bucket of these things and I will have considered my life to have been very full and very blessed!

Regardless of your list, take the time to plan and do the things that bring you pleasure. Big and daring or tiny and significant, go for it. Just make sure it is the things that impress you and not something that is full of the wow-factor for others.

Live well, find joy, and remember to create the moments that matter with the people who matter—while you still can.