A person has just learned they are dying and this is when I often receive the call to intervene. Of course, I cannot stop the death, but I can bring a peaceful closing for them and their loved ones. Does it fill me with apprehension? Yes, it does! Does it also fill me with excitement? Yes, it does, as the final days of life offer the best—and last– opportunity to find peace, healing, understanding, joy, and ease for the person facing the death and for you about to lose this person.

I am an End of Life Coach. I have over 10 years of experience in bringing positive closure and healing to those on both ends of the dying process. Most people never equate dying days to the frosting on the cake, but they can be. There are many sacred gifts available to be unwrapped and enjoyed. Do you know someone close to you who is very sick, quite old, or even someone who is mentally struggling and possibly suicidal? Are you uncomfortable when thinking about these situations which could force you to take action and hopefully be able to make a difference in someone’s End of Life journey?

Most of us are very uncomfortable and do everything we can to just avoid dealing with the glaring facts staring at us. Not now, not to me, not this person, or I’m too busy to give this my attention today. Someone else can handle it. It can wait.

What if it can’t wait? What if you are being pulled into a situation that you are unprepared to think about, let alone to actually take some action. What if listening to the attached Introduction (yes, I will read it to you.) will give you a beginning so that you ARE able and prepared to take some great actions when it’s your turn to step up and make a difference for someone you love? Breathe. I am here to make this possible and to give you powerful steps that are easy to take. Welcome. Turn up the volume and hit PLAY to take you first, best step.

We will see where it goes from there. Because this is only the beginning.