For everyone who has bought, or is considering buying my book I have recorded this personal audio introduction. 

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How I wish I had this divinely transformational book to guide me, soothe me, educate me and allow me the closure that everyone hopes for when a loved one dies. As a former dancer with the James Brown Revue, I have traveled the world and seen and experienced the dynamic and powerful ability of people as they connect emotions and actions of love. Janet’s book possesses that same universal and divine connection of people as they express their emotions and actions of love.

Lola! Love


Dr. Janet Bieschke has written a book that will offer something to every reader. There are antidotes and lessons that are helpful for those who are experiencing the impending loss of a loved-one. One such teaching is the concept of appreciation during a time when someone you care about is dying. It is an important paradox not often expressed. I recommend this book as it is written in an authentic style – full of hope and compassion.

Dr. Laura Hyatt

Professor, University of La Verne

You are holding an invaluable, compassionate, and healing intimate journey into life, death, and the cherished memories that can be created for a lifetime. Dr. Janet Bieschke has graciously given us the gift of sharing her gifts and deep insights with us. This book powerfully guides us through those last tender moments with our loved ones and offers us an affirming message of hope and healing.

Evelyn Apostolou

Founder, Quantum Edge Healing Institute