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Family Support and Coaching

Capturing Memories

Preserving your loved ones’ most precious moments, memories, and lasting messages.

Speaking to Groups

Dr. Janet’s talks explore the most important tools supporting the end of life transition.

Coaching Sessions

Dealing with the End of Life questions and concerns requires a specialized approach.

About Me

I love learning and have created many teachable moments (mistakes?) both personally and professionally. My life has been filled with over 6 decades of joys, family, life lessons, mistakes (turned into opportunities), and so many beautiful people. I’ve worked for 34 years in a huge organization that allowed me to grow, to fail, to grow more, to be challenged, and to keep learning. I was a supervisor, manager, executive—and mainly just someone looking for better ways of doing and being. Somewhere in my basement are boxes of awards and frames holding degrees (BS in Supervisory Management-cumma sum laude, Masters in Business Administration, and a Doctorate in Organization Change).


Kelly McKinstry

After only one session with this amazing woman, it dramatically changed the end days for my mother and my family. We were able to be present in a way we would not have thought about previous to my session with Dr. Janet and to help my mother pass with love, dignity, honor and grace.

Rachel Hunter

Dr Janet’s coaching session was fantastic! She made me feel truly valued, validated and so much more confident in dealing with what life throws at me. Dr. Janet shared a couple of powerful processes for me to use on my own to help my specific areas of “stuck-ness”, and crammed as many nuggets of her extensive wisdom as she could into our session.

Beth Myers

The Life Story experience gave my Mom a chance to remember and share her memories. She was really in to it. Her memories were what we were wanting and she surely was giving them. Thank you again. You are truly a wonder.


Federal Meditator, National Collective Bargaining Negotiator, FranklinCovey facilitator in the majority of their courses, Advanced Management, Advanced Leadership, Appreciative Inquiry, HeartMath, Hospice Volunteer, Quantum Success Coaching Academy / Law of Attraction Coach and Mentor, Instructor for the Christy Whitman Art Of Having it All course, Reiki third degree, Advanced Energy Mastery certification and Bars Access Consciousness®