Become a Certified Interviewer

As a caregiver, you also need kindness, love, forgiveness, self-care, nurturing, joy, and happy days as you learn how to walk through these unfamiliar steps.

Dr. Janet Bieschke has developed a certification interviewing program to train interested hospice volunteers how to effectively interview hospice patients so that the patient will feel comfortable telling their stories.

Upon completing this professional interviewer certification course, the volunteers are able to skillfully guide patients in asking for forgiveness, sharing their memories and stories, discussing fears, expressing love, and in saying goodbye to their family and loved ones.

The Power of the Interview
This training includes the interviewer learning to hold energy, to recognize and manage emotional shifts, and to ask objective questions in a way to create a safe, comfortable, and respectful space where the magic of memory and dreams come together. Using this process enables the patient to laugh, to cry, and to say goodbye–a touching gift to leave for their family and loved ones.

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